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Andrew Swietek


IT Professional

Certification: i Net+, Solaris 10, Linux
Dell Certified System Engineer, Windows

Garfield, NJ 07026
(973) 715-7321



Hands-on, technical, analytical and accomplished IT Professional with years of experience in Information Technology in very complex mission critical enterprise infrastructure applications environment, seeks a challenging, innovative and rewarding work environment. Proven in delivering projects through, team orientation, project management and enthusiastic customer service skills.




Key Projects


·         Successfully deployed network infrastructure to support IPTV StadiumVision application at Metlife, Yankees, Cowboys, Boston TD Garden, UK Millennium, Targiet Field, New Zealand and other stadiums world famous stadiums.

·         Migrated global enterprise production Unix BIND DNS, Windows and CNR DHCP datacenter to new datacenter with 0% downtime for 130,000+ DHCP clients and employees in United States and world wide.

·         Implemented 99.999% redundant DNS system to avoid expensive outages and data loss. Increased overall system load performance.

·         Successfully migrated Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 on Windows . Consolidated networks servers in order reduce expenses.

·         Successfully migrated E-mail System from proprietary to highly scalable and reliable open source architecture saving over $100K

·         Achieved an annual high availability 99.99% mission-critical system uptime on all systems processing 30+ million website hits.

·         Deployed IIS iBranch Web Banking System for 60,000+ credit union members in a very large scale, muli-location Web Farm.

·         Researched, installed server-side Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM filtration software reducing incoming viruses, spyware, SPAM by 95%.

·         Chase Bank / Washington Mutual branches conversion, system imaging via WDS/Ghost, testing of new equipment and server.

·         Merrill Lynch – Multibranch telephone system upgrade projects. Deployment of CISCO 2800 Series routers & CISCO VoIP Phones

·         NY 100.3FM Z100 – Email Server Recovery. Linux OS installation & configuration SMTP, mailboxes, aliases,  forwarding, domains.








Professional Experience

Sr. System / Network Admin                 VINDICOGROUP/SPECIFIC MEDIA                     NYC   5/11-5/12

Provided 24X7 application support in a high-availability production hosting environment for external and internal applications.
Supported 500 million + daily internet traffic requests for online tracking business via Amazon EC, HTTP, Global DNS, LBs, etc.
Performed daily OS & application upgrades, maintenance, audits, resolved (24X7X365) mission-critical problems under pressure.
Coordinated all aspects relating to Internet, compliance RFC / IETF / CERT and migration of DNS thorough global registrars.

Cisco Systems Inc./Verizon                                                             Iselin, NJ 08830

Position: System Engineer - Consultant                                                     (9/2009-...)

Responsible for installation, configuration, management of Cisco StadiumVision IPTV solution at large national stadium venues including: Yankees, New Meadowlands, Boston Celtics, Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Royals, Toronto BlueJays, Minnesota Twins, UK Millennium
Installs & deploys UNIX based servers to host DNS/DHCP, MySQL databases, Apache, Tomcat, Java StadiumVision IPTV applications.
Configures hundreds of class C and classless network Scopes, Polices, DHCP Options (3-Routers, 6-Domain Name Servers, 15-Domain Name, 44-Netbios/WINS Servers, 51-DHCP Lease Time, 150-CUCM TFTP, IP Helpers, etc) for thousands of DHCP clients including workstations, VoIP phones, WiFi devices, PoS systems, DMP IPTV devices, Guest Networks in ConnectedStadium infrastructure.
Registers and creates forward and reverse DNS Zones and records including sub-domains, A, AAAA, NS, MX, SOA, CNAME, reverse in.addr-arpa., PTR, etc). Manages authorative DNS servers and zone transfers/replication in a master/slave environment and delegation.
Writes UNIX shell and borune scripts to automate installation of DMP’s with new MIB settings via scheduled cron jobs.
Utilizes various Unix based utilities (ps, pgrep, dig, nslookup, traceroute, tcpdump, netstat, snoop, rsync, scp, telnet) to resolve system issues,
Manages data backup through rsync, scp, FTP, SSH, mysqldump. Configures and verifies data replication in a failover clustered environment.
Serves as a customer facing engineer to resolve onsite or remotely StadiumVision implementation and technical issues 24/7.

Ripple6 Inc. a division of Gannett Corp.                                 New York City, NY 10001

Position: System Admin - Fulltime, Consultant                                    (9/2008-1/2009)

Responsible for hosted services (Websites, E-mail, DNS) internal & external clients.
Provides 24X7 application support in a high-availability production hosting environment.
Installs, configures, maintains and troubleshoots multiple versions UNIX (Redhat, Solaris) and Windows systems with web applications (Tomcat, Apache, Solar, IIS).
Builds & deploys version control packages to dev., stage and production environment.
Establishes a secured DMZ zone for the review / demo of projects to Fortune 500 clients utilizing IIS, Apache, mod-ssl, cgi, WiKi, HTTP Basic authentication and SSL.
Installs and maintains public DNS, postfix, Exchange & Blackberry email infrastructure.
Deploys and maintains FTP, JAVA applications, HTTP and database servers.
Manages/engineers TCP networks, load balancers, gigabit switches, firewall, WiFi.
Administrate and configure DNS, Web, IIS, Apache, FTP, VSFTPD, log, Nagios servers running on different operating systems including Linux/Unix and Windows.
Scripts in shell/batch, PERL, JAVA, C languages to automate troubleshooting tickets, network and system monitoring, backups and data transferring and data manipulation.
Creates technical documentation and diagrams for management & development teams.
Disaster recovery strategy and testing for high-availability mission critical systems.
Installation, configuration & management of Amazon EC cloud infrastructure, VMWare.
Manages and configures VoIP Polycom telephone system and Hamachi VPN networks.

Ernst & Young, LLP / StarPoint Solutions, LLC                         Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Position: DNS Administrator - Consultant (6/2007-6/2008)

Responsible for E&Y’s enterprise wide and global DNS, DHCP and Active Directory infrastructure supporting 130,000+ thousand network users Globally and United States. 
Provides 24X7 application support in a high-availability production hosting environment.
Analyzes & troubleshoots mission-critical apps through logs files, sniffer captures. 
Setups highly redundant mail routing, relay & forwarding through multiple MX records. 
CISCO Network Registrar 5/6 (CNR) and BIND 9 DNS domain software administration.
UNIX BIND external/internal domain daily maintenance and administration. 
Setups of MX, PTR, NS, A, CNAME, forwarders, exceptions and root hints records.
DHCP/STATIC addresses allocation management for workstations, servers & web sites.
Installs SUN servers running SOLARIS CISCO DNS/DHCP CNR 5/6 & BIND 9 DNS.
Installs new WINDOWS 2003 machines with Active Directory Integrated DNS System.
Works with a Remedy trouble ticketing system in responding to DNS requests and tasks. 
Writes PERL and SHELL scripts to automate cron jobs, menus, data entry, backup jobs. 
Manages a distributed DNS system that spans many enterprise systems worldwide.
Manages MarkMonitor Internet Registrar which allows for domains management.
Assists in troubleshooting DNS resolution and authority problems with our local authoritative name servers, TLD Root name servers, and remote client name servers. 
Delegates child DNS zones on Windows DNS servers in heterogeneous environments.
Migrates DNS zones files, registrar domain information from one ISP to a second one. 
Vendor liaison with Cisco/Sun for software application upgrades, repair & maintenance.
Administrates servers worldwide via Secure CRT (SSH) and RDC remote connections. 
Utilizes network tools nslookup, dig, traceroute, snoop, ping, whois.
Setup application load balancing via round-robin DNS and CISCO Global Site Selector.
Updates infrastructure documentation through VISIO diagrams and Excel spreadsheets. 
Hardware installation Sun Fire V210, V240, Ultra 5, Ultra 10, Netra T1, Dell Poweredge
Interacts with various business groups including engineering, development, qa, and ua.





New Jersey Institute of Technology: Master's of  Science Internet Engineering

Courses Completed:
CIS 631 Data Management System Design
CIS 652 Computer Networks-Architectures Protocols and Standards
CIS 656 Internetworking and Higher Layer Protocols
CIS 697 Principles of Broadband ISDN and ATM
CIS 602 Java Programming

New Jersey Institute of Technology: Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems
Management  National Dean’s List Member  Graduated: 2002

Network Architectures & Protocols, Open System Networking, Marketing, Finance
Data Management System Design, Computer Management, E-Business, Economics Microcomputer for Mangers, C++, COBOL, Java, Internet Technology, Management, IS & Productivity Toolware, Operating Systems & Programming Language Concepts




Technical Skills

Operating Systems

Protocols / Networking

Back Office

§         Windows 20012/2008/2003 Server

§         8/7/VISTA/XP/2000

§         Linux/UNIX/HPUX

§         Novell Netware

§         Solaris 9/10/11

  • Redhat 5/6/7

§         TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS

§         SMTP, POP3, SNMP

§         Telnet, FTP, SSH

§         IIS, Apache, iSensor

§         CISCO 3640 Routers

§         CISCO PIX, Sonicwall

§         Oracle 8i, Tomcat

§         EDI, Sharepoint

§         Novell GroupWise

§         Lotus Notes, Qmail

§         Exchange, Sophos

§         Veritas, ARCserve








iNet+ CompTIA, Internet Engineering – NJIT, Wireless Technology
Dell Certified System Expert, Dell | EMC CX600 xPE, Dell PowerConnect Switches






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Charity Work, Viola-Cello Playing, Internet, Investing, Downhill Skiing








National Dean’s List Member

Who's Who Among American
High School




Professional Affiliations

The Internet SOCiety

The Internet Engineering Task Force

The Internet Engineering Task Force

Association for Computing Machinery

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
nstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

American Red Cross







Immediate. Full time and/or consulting.





Available upon request